JavaScript is disabled. Optimus Pro-XE Nickel is a true professional finish for ultra performance PCs. It's slow to change a block because I have two pumps and also 5700XT in same loop. " The surface area of our cold plate will be be gigantic. Unfortunately, water, anti-fungals and fancy fluids will rapidly strip electroplated nickel. I just ordered one of there AM4 blocks out. Questions? And it’s blue! Will help others when it comes time to buying water blocks for next generation GPU. Unfortunately, water, anti-fungals and fancy fluids will rapidly strip electroplated nickel. We're excited. Perhaps the most requested CPU water block review in years, we finally take a look at Optimus Water Cooling's Foundation CPU block. For starters, the specifications of the test bed platform can be found here, on Cost and appearance. Optimus machines blocks. The CPU is overclocked to 4.5ghz Core, 4.4ghz Cache @ 1.30v. Plus a whole new flow path to match the new die layout of Threadripper 3. With a surface area of ~424 cm^2 (~66 in^2) vs ~119 cm^2 (~18.4 in^2), the Optimus Gen2 XL cold plate's total area is nearly the size of an mATX motherboard. Extreme performance, crack-proof acrylic, corrosion-proof nickel and bulletproof construction. EK Water Blocks finally launches the EK-Quantum Magnitude, a halo CPU block with customization cues from the EK-Supremacy EVO from yesteryear that kicks things up a notch. Optimus sets another record for flattest cold plate on the market. Performance-PCs has the biggest inventory of quality water blocks to cool your CPU. We're going to use a new version of our cold plate with the 0.1mm micro fins. I just checked this is toolless installation and only three parts for each hole. Everything from CPU water block mounting hardware, universal CPU water blocks, to water blocks for Intel processors for your liquid cooled system. High flow eliminates the peak temperatures. If you get the backplate it ain't cheap but, as a recent convert to their cpu blocks, I can tell you that the quality is not just skin deep. Need further testing with more complex loops. Because the industry standard electroplated (aka electrolytic) nickel is a cosmetic nickel finish that isn't meant to be used in liquid applications. Famous overclocker Kingpin developed his own thermal paste for extreme performance liquid cooling systems. There aren't many reviews out there except the hardocp one (using the intel v1 block) and they had some very good results. Finally I got tested them all. They are approx same price if you are outside EU. I did not like installation. Surprisingly, there aren't any professional reviews of the AMD blocks, but from what I'm reading online from user experience is that they seem to make more of an impact than the Intel blocks. Distilled, aside from being cheap, is also the highest performance coolant readily available. For “Full Load” testing I ran Asus R… To be eligible for discounts, please enable JavaScript for your browser. High flow eliminates the peak temperatures. Optimus created proprietary diamond tooling that allows the cold plates to come off the CNC with a perfect mirror finish. The Optimus Absolute Threadripper 3+ is made for Threadripper 3's massive core count and thermal requirements, easily handling Threadripper's overclocking potential, even if you're pushing 700 watts into your CPU. A 3070 FE water block will soon follow with the 3090 FE still being worked on. X570 Hero Dark, 32GB GSkill Trident Z 4000mhz, Seasonic Prime Titanium 1000Watt, 1TB SN850, 1TB 970 Pro, 3090 FTW3. I am wondering if anyone has experiences with Optimus CPU Waterblocks. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This is 0.000025mm of roughness (measuring the peaks and valleys of the surface). With a clear focus on design, material choice, performance, and customization, it aims … Atleast air bubbles did not cause the performance loss. Extreme corrosion resistance, excellent thermal properties and a lifespan measured in decades. Some of the leading manufacturers are Alphacool, EK, Koolance, Swiftech, Watercool, and more. Sad to hear that ( But its very awaited due to flatest waterblock on the market tm (Btw, I thinking about changing my backup D15 for U12A, its really overwhelmingly cool. COOLING 64 OVERCLOCKED CORES. Yeah. This groundbreaking CPU needs a truly next-gen cooler to match. With a near-rabid user base touting praises galore, we put it to the test to see if the hype and asking price is justified. Our Pro-XE nickel is specifically tailored for liquid cooling, providing maximum corrosion protection, even in places normal nickels can't reach, like inside our cold plate's 202 micron channels. Distilled, aside from being cheap, is also the highest performance coolant readily available. Yeah you need a water block new design for 30 series bottom line The one you have is amd old design and Intel compatible so never going to be very good results. While not a performance benefit, blue is easier to see than the gray stuff that blends in, so less chance of the “why is there paste all over my fingers? As a result of COVID-19, please understand delivery times may be delayed. Its rough and lacks backplate, washers and springs. Website looks down atm though. Optimus Water Cooling V1 Intel CPU Water Block Review Optimus Water Cooling is primed to give the competition a run for the money when it comes to water cooling your very hot and overclocked LGA 115X CPU. That's why we can offer a 10 year warranty, even with regular H2O. They have backgrounds in aerospace engineering as well as surgical device manufacturing. In cooling, more surface area = better cooling. Using a fully CNC machining process, Optimus is able to achieve. If this seems crazy, it is. It has been a herculean task to create Optimus's Pro-XE nickel, but the results look great and are nearly indestructible. Simply tighten until the torque driver clicks and you’re ensured the most accurate mounting pressure available. Waterblock works flawlessly as well. The Optimus water block has enough copper for me to give a thumbs up without ever trying one.